samsung washing machine repair in gurgaon

Five tips to identify your washing machine need repair before big damages.

Every home has mostly all home appliances in present time mainly in city like Gurugram and Delhi. Which need to servicing and repairing time to time. But here are some tips which help you identify that your washing machine repair time is coming before going huge damage you can call professionals. Let’s discuss it one by one.
1. Washer starts extra noise: when a odd sound is coming from your washer while washing your clothes it may be washer dis-balance. You can rearrange your clothes the sound may be stop but if it is not stop you can move washer near to down. If after doing that sound is not stopped then you need to call the technician or professionals because it need some repair work.
2. Drum creates problem in turning: If drum is not spin you can check the belt. Its very easy to replace the belt you can do it by yourself.
3. Complete water is not out of drum : When total water is not come out from the drum you can check is there any clothes which block the pump. If not find anything then this is work of professionals.
4. Need electrical work: If your washing machine need any electrical work like short- circuit in the board or its generating electric shock then don’t touch it and call the professional because it can be harmful.
5. Unable to find out problem: If the washer stop working and you are unable to find out any problem then you can call to the professionals.